Maradona pensante

no pressure
El debut 1977


Maradona lo hacia con una naranja

He could do it with an orange
"Lo que Zidane hace con la pelota
Maradona lo hacia con una naranja"
("What Zidane can do with a football
Maradona could do with an orange") Michel Platini
(pictured footballs from around the world)


A vivir, ensueño

El pueblo te lo de pide, Diego
Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg


Shows are for the cinema, for the theater...

being first

"I like being first," Bilardo said on his website. "You have to think about being first. Because second is no good, being second is a failure. ... For me, it's good that if you lose you should feel bad. Football is played to win. ... Shows are for the cinema, for the theater. ... Football is something else. Some people are very confused." Read more here
More on Bilardo soon...