The killer - Mario Kempes (retro toy)

El Matador

Antique, vintage toys are real collectors items and I especially search for football and sporting memorabilia.

In 1978 Argentina hosted and won the world cup beating the Netherlands 3-1. Mario Kempes was the no. 10 for the sky blue and whites and the man to beat. He was named by Pelé as one of the top 125 greatest living footballers in March 2004. Vamos matador!


El Superclasico

River v Boca

Great ad, shame there isn't more to be said from the perspective of the River Plate fan. Having been at many of these superclasicos, it is a mesmerising experience. What do you think? I know Diego would be proud to have Italian immigrant Pascual Tatangelo speak of his love for the international classic game!


Hill pitch for Maradona

Un regalo para el Diego

Argentina vive
Maradónica clasificacion
Gracias Bolatti




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