The (eponymous) Duce

(after de Bernières Captain Corelli's Mandolin)


Football Confessions: Hay un Pibe que la Rompe

(Prodigal Child )
November 24, 2008
When I was eight or nine I had a poster of Fra Filippo Lippi’s Madonna and Child with Two Angels on my wall. After visiting Florence I decided to copy it. I drew the outlines of the face with great care and ever so subtly coloured it in with my Caran D’Ache pencils. I decided to give this gift to my headmaster at St Joseph’s School in London. A few years later in 1983 I drew Argentina’s first democratic president following the military junta, Raúl Alfonsín, who was looking up with a pleased smile toward the skies; after that, I copied a magazine image of Pope John Paul II when he visited Argentina. He was quietly meditating with a cross held tightly against his forehead. Then I drew Diego Maradona. I posted each of these drawings in brown envelopes and waited to hear back. I never did.


Maradona's Club Career - where else do you think he should have played?

Heroes that exist to be identified with

The aura is the binding force behind the status of the hero and determines the accessibility and personification of the hero in a culture where sport and art come together.


Football Confessions: With the stupidity of his talk

He seemed to resonate with a kind of confidence that life was still nothing but a joke - an endless succession of football goals, trickery and a constant repertoire of meaningless chatter.


Football Confessions: Tres dias mas tarde, un domingo a la mañana, se puso su primer camiseta

(Three days later, a Sunday morning, he put his first football shirt on)

Sometime in 1977
The first time I went to a football stadium I was six. I sat with my Dad in the Belgrano plateas on a crisp Sunday afternoon. The first thing I remember noticing was the sound of the crowd and the greenness of the pitch. When River Plate scored the first goal everyone stood up and shouted GOL but I did not move. I was overwhelmed absorbing the energy around me and I did not know what to do. My Dad turned and said “Cecilia, we scored”. I was so happy.


Football Confessions: downfall of the hero - el potrero

Time waits for no footballer
Of course he could no longer rely on his body for the sudden surges that thrillingly encouraged him to believe that he could be one of the giants of the game (or at least of his neighbourhood) but he later recognised a role that was promising and that was that the emergence of a star was highly unlikely.


Flying high: Maradona's enduring greatness

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Let me tell you
Maradona's enduring greatness cast a shadow in 1994
The World Cup brought pleasure to millions who were alien to the game in the USA
Watching it on television, many Americans have concluded that they were looking over the shoulders of artists

(as reported by Ken Jones)


Esto queda entre nosotros

(This stays between us)


Disparados con zurda por la derecha

(Shoot with the left through the right)

(two drypoint etchings)